10 May On Self Reliance

Self Reliance and Leadership may seem to be contradictory notions, but in essence, they are mutually supporting. In my classes on leadership, there are always three concepts the students say were aha moments. The first is that leadership requires Self-awareness. A leader needs to understand his or her strengths, shortcomings, and how those traits affect their ability to create willing followers. The second is Selflessness. A leaders needs to have a steadfast passion for serving others, and that requires putting others first. Lastly, Self Reliance is essential because leading means being out front, and there are more naysayers than supporters when trail blazing. By example, Self Reliant Leaders also develop followers that have initiative, persistence, and determination. Self-awareness, Selflessness and Self Reliance are the three character traits that are the lifelong pursuit of effective and outstanding leaders.

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