06 Oct Did you do that on purpose?

I was feeling contemplative recently while riding a trail along the foothills in Denver when I spotted three young mule deer bucks grazing in an open area. I stopped to admire them, and they grew skittish and ran towards me to the scrub oak that would provide cover. As they ran full speed just yards in front of me, I watched how deliberate they were in their movement. I was close enough to hear their hooves against the dirt and rocks, but I was surprised I didn’t hear their breathing. How wonderfully adaptable this animal is that it can run full speed uphill without getting winded!

This got me thinking about a recent discussion I had with my students. We were talking about resonance, and making sure our time is spent aligned with our values. That is, living on purpose and persevering despite the obstacles and daily struggles. What is it that we do (or should do) where we can run uphill with effortless grace? The deer I watched operate on an instinct to survive. For all they knew, I was just as threatening as a mountain lion. Like the deer, we can run out of fear, or pursue a passion that’s fueled by a desire to make a difference. Is your daily running based on instinct, or on purpose to achieve something meaningful in the service of others?

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