10 Jan The Ultimate Listener

Jo Berry & Pat Magee

The amazing thing about Jo Berry is not that she forgives the man responsible for killing her father in Northern Ireland in 1984. The amazing thing is how she got to a place where she could forgive. Her reconciliation came by meeting listening to the man who was an IRA bomber – the man who killed her father. By investing the time and truly listening, she came to understand Pat Magee. By listening, she came to know the unique circumstances in which he came of age, and what motivated him to commit such a horrific act. Learn more about their remarkable story.

hink about the people you work with… particularly a person that is difficult and hard to get along with. By engaging them and really listening, you will better understand where this person is coming from. That is, you will learn more about their values, beliefs, assumptions, interests, experiences and expectations. Equally important, your ability to focus and listen may help you influence this person’s interactions with you and others. The power does indeed rest with the listener.

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