08 May Happy Mother’s Day from Father Time

As I do every year, I ran up a trail to pick wild flowers for my wife for Mother’s Day. But the trail seemed different… harder. I didn’t spring up the rocks like normal. At one place, I lost my balance and tilted back. A little voice was saying, “You’re getting slower,” but I shrugged it off. “My legs are tired because I biked 30 miles up a mountain yesterday.” Yeah, right. That’s not the reason, and I knew it. As I was descending the trail, I saw three young bucks with velvet antler buds emerging from the tops of their heads. I was hoping they wouldn’t spook too qucikly, and they never did. In the past, they would have bolted, and all I could think was they knew I wasn’t a threat and poised no risk to chasing them down! Today is all about Mother’s Day, but it was also a reminder that time is fleeting. I think I will give my mom another call today.

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