27 May Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day 13

Last day in Ireland.  The students worked on team projects, and got some sight-seeing in as well.  It was a good day in that we only had two things scheduled:  A course wrap-up, and a farewell dinner with Mr. Con Clarke.

During the course wrap-up, the students shared three things:  What they learned makes a leader; the speaker they felt had the most to impart, and what the overall take-away was from our time in Ireland.  As for the people we met, the leader/entrepreneurs that were particularly impactful were Bryan, Colm, Grainne, Feargus, Connor and Danuta.  Bryan Keating’s presentation on “risk” was exceptionally well received, and I believe no one will soon forget Bryan’s message that life is not a dress rehearsal.

At our farewell dinner, we heard a wonderful presentation from Con Clarke.  Con had a long and successful career with the Irish airline Aer Lingus, from which he retired after 42 years of service in 1999 as Senior Vice President. He is currently a management consultant and serves as a director for Manchester Airline Services, Chairman of Dublin Gaelic Athletic Association, Director of Global Waste Solutions, and a trustee of the Irish Airlines Pension Fund.  Mr. Clarke has had extensive international experience as an advisor and political lobbyist for a number of organizations and governments.

It was a great trip, and I’ll recap my personal take-aways tomorrow!

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