20 Jun Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day Six

The student teams in Maynooth and Belfast had their first full day with the teams at Wavebob and Maildistiller respectively.

The Maynooth team actually divided their work into two small teams to look at target country opportunities and potential competition.    They’re working closely with the CEO to keep expectations in check with daily updates to insure they’re hitting milestones with directional alignment.  The CEO has asked them to formally present their findings on Monday before he travels out of town so they’ll have the last day to modify their research and recommendations.

The Belfast team is also researching competitors to narrow down potential US partners.  It’s tough, because most of the potential partners are small, privately held organizations with little data readily and publicly available.  One of the students has primarily worked in large organizations, so she’s finding a small, entrepreneurial environment quite enlightening.  This team will be taking a consultative approach by asking a number of questions to help the client further focus on the potential target market.

Both teams are working extremely well together, and I will be with the Maynooth team tomorrow to see their work firsthand and to meet Andrew Parish, the Wavebob CEO.  We are certainly grateful to the Irish Embassy for putting us in touch with an outstanding executive at a company with tremendous growth potential of great benefit to renewable energy research, and the overall Irish economy!

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