23 Jun Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day Nine

It’s the weekend, and the students are off to enjoy the environs.  The Belfast team is in Portrush, and the Maynooth team is in Dublin.  We spent the day in County Mayo where we visited the cousins, and the cottage where my grandmother was born and raised.  This is my fourth visit to the family here, and it’s always a truly joyous gathering.  What I appreciate most are the memories my older cousin shares about what it was like growing up here in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  I honestly believe that you haven’t really experienced Ireland unless you’ve come to the West.  It’s akin to someone visiting the Northeast of the U.S. and thinking they saw the heart of America.

I am still struggling with some e-book concepts/themes regarding what I’ve learned turning 50; what I’ve learned transitioning to an empty nest, and what I learned observing my son’s experience at America’s premier leadership school.  What I do know is that transitional experiences force us to face our own hypocrisy.  That is, what’s next?

Time to embrace the crucibles and ask the really hard questions (the hardest related to purpose and legacy)!

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. — Frederick Douglass

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