26 Jun Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day Twelve

The Belfast Team presented their final analysis and recommendations to the Maildistiller CEO today regarding a channel strategy, and received excellent feedback!  Now we need to learn the following from the two projects we conducted here in Ireland:

  1. What will be the economic impact of the student’s work?
  2. If paying for this work on the open market, what would have been the investment?
  3. Please address the teamwork and leadership of the group.
  4. Were there any areas of opportunities identified?
  5. What are the similarities and differences between US and Irish students?
  6. For next year, are there any specific skill sets you would like to see?

The team also had the opportunity to participate in the Belfast Pub Summit in the evening as well.  We had the chance to meet Irish investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, techies, and the media.  The subject of risk came up again, and I did speak to one gentlemen who believes the Irish embrace risk, but my informal survey over the last several days shows that most Irish business men and women believe that risk aversion is a cultural phenomena that will only slowly diminish over time.

The Maynooth Team finished their project today, and wrapped up one additional country study from a channel perspective.  Tomorrow, we’ll all be together in Belfast (along with the Queen!) where we’ll have the grand opportunity to meet and hear from Norman Apsley.

Lastly, I have had the privilege to meet Mark Jones from UCD, and he’s taken the imitative to brainstorm ideas on how we can continue to build an economic and cultural bridge between Colorado and Ireland.  Mark is one of the sharpest students I have met, and it’s thoroughly energizing to be around him.  He’s a future leader to watch!

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