27 Jun Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day Thirteen

Last year when we were in Dublin, the Queen visited.  This year, we’re in Belfast for her visit, which was just as historic as she shook hands with an ex-IRA chief.

The Dublin students traveled to Belfast and made their first visit of the trip to Northern Ireland.  We’re all one big class again.  We met with Norman Apsley today, and he provided a tour of the Titanic Pump House, and an overview of the NI Science Park.  Norman was extremely gracious with his time, as he had earlier met with the Queen as well.  The picture that contains the students is inside the dry-dock where the Titanic sat within 18 feet of concrete, 50 feet below the surface in a bay 1,000 feet long.

The other picture is of Bryan Keating and his lovely wife Linda.  We had the great fortune of spending an evening at their lovely home, and will look forward to his company again tomorrow with the students.

The students and I spent time this afternoon discussing their experiences here from a business, social and political perspective.  The class is working together extremely well, and their insights on matters of another culture are enlightening, and refreshing.  I trust we’re creating experiences that will serve as signposts to reflect back on over the course of a career!

For an additional perspective – see one the student blogs on her experience in Ireland so far!

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