29 Jun Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland – Day Fifteen

We toured The Dail today, and met with Deputy Bernard Durkan, a TD For Kildare North.  He has quite the gift for a good historical story that relates to current times and tribulations.  Like a great politician, he serves up the problems of our day as a challenge for which he expects people will embrace and overcome.

Later we toured Startup Bootcamp of Dublin where learned of very driven young entrepreneurs and the leader-mentors that are guiding them on their journey.  There’s a pride and swagger in the facility that’s increasingly uncommon in a day when many are simply looking for a wage.

We met with James Wolsey who through his Dublin office serves as the Honorary Trade and Investment Representatives in Europe for the State of Colorado.  This position was created in December 2011 one month after Ambassador Michael Collins visited Colorado.

We capped the course off with a visit to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the elegant Iveagh House, and met with Cyril Brennan, Deputy Director US Affairs, North America, Australia and New Zealand Unit, Anglo-Irish Division.  Cyril was gracious, interested, interesting, and exceedingly bright.  I could have listened to him for hours speak of his work.  For me personally, this was one of the highlights of the trip, as it seems obvious that Cyril is one to watch in Ireland.

I have attached a number of class photos from today, and will end without too much additional comment.  More to come tomorrow in the “course wrap-up.”

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