05 Aug Think You’re a Mentor – Answer this Yes or No

Yesterday was the men’s 10,000-meter race in the London Olympics, and the two people Alberto Salazar coached finished first and second.  Salazar said the results “meant more to him than anything he achieved in his own running career, which included winning three consecutive New York City Marathons (1980-82)” – Denver Post.

He went on to say, “The only feelings I’ve had better in my life were getting married and my kids’ births.  Even my own successes in running, this makes me feel so much better. These guys are like sons to me, and any parent wants better for their kids than they had themselves.”

So… the Yes or No question.  When it comes to the people you coach, mentor, manage and lead, do you get more joy at seeing them succeed than yourself?  If the answer is yes, good for you.  If the honest answer is no, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your role.  Do what you do best, and let someone who is passionate about developing others fill that role.  Developing people is of the noblest endeavors, and it will always be a key ingredient in the overall success of an enterprise.  Yes?


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