09 Sep We’re Here But A Blink

I hadn’t been to the place I was born in 40 years, and my recent visit happened to coincide with my birthday and visiting my Grandma’s grave.  Reflection accompanies reminders of our mortality, and I thought about where I’ve been and what I still feel called to achieve.  I thought about how the trajectory of my life would have been altered greatly if we had not moved.  I thought about my wife, kids and grandson, and about my profound gratitude for good health. I celebrated my birthday with relatives I rarely see, but the bond was if I saw them just yesterday.  I also thought about the dash on my Grandma’s grave, which represents nearly 80 years of life.  It’s been 20 years since my Grandma died, and I contemplated how I am a living part of her dash.  So are a myriad of other grandkids now fully entrenched in middle age with adult children of their own.

We’re here but a blink, and I wonder how often we live our lives selflessly for those that follow us.  I looked around at all the other graves in the cemetery and wondered how many of those souls died knowing they truly made a difference in the lives of others – especially their loved ones.  A friend recently shared the following with me from Cicero, “Zeno gives this definition of passion:  Passion is a commotion of the soul opposed to right reason and against nature.”  This I know:  We all want to make a difference in this world during our dash, so we must have the discipline to live with temperance, and a vigilent eye to our legacy.  My Godmother would say, “Yolo – you only live once,” and it’s a great reminder to live without regret.

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