16 Sep Regarding the Millennials, We’re in Fine Hands

Much has been written about the challenges of four generations currently in the work force:  Veterans/Matures (1928-1945), Boomers (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1980), and Millennials (1981-1999).  I have heard many say the younger generation doesn’t demonstrate commitment in terms of hours worked, and has an entitlement mentality.  I have also heard that the older generation is tired, and doesn’t understand how to leverage technology.  Michael Winerip recently wrote an article in the “The New York Times” times on “Boomers vs. Millennials: Who’s Really Getting Robbed?”  It was a light-hearted article on a serious topic of opportunities and obligations.  Dr. Tasha Eurich wrote a brilliant paper on “the real problem of generations in the workplace,” where she concluded, “generational differences are largely a myth.”

My perspective is based on observation and interaction, and I’ve concluded our future is in good hands with the Millennials.  I mentor and coach a number of Millenials, and I find them extremely intelligent, well educated, ambitious, and with a propensity to make a significant and positive mark on this world.  I had the honor and privilege to spend time with Sal Giunta recently.  Sal is the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Viet Nam War.  Suffice it to say, he is truly an inspirational young man, and typifies many of the selfless and outstanding traits of his generation.  A good friend of mine who was born in 1936 (a “Veteran”) believes we need more leaders with heroic aspirations.  I don’t think we need to look much further than those 31 and younger.

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