28 Dec Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

We met Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf on November 6, 2002.  He was at Colorado State University for  “Bridges to the Future: American History and Values in Light of 9/11” where he gave a talk on “Leadership in Difficult Times.”  When my son approached him at a small reception, he said to the General, “Sir.  I read your book… three times.”  When the General heard that, his eyes lit up, and he grabbed Kevin by the shoulders and posed for the picture you see here.  Kevin was twelve years old at the time, and ten years after this picture, Kevin graduated from the United States Military Academy – just like his first hero.  The General can be credited with his part in creating a voracious reader to this day.  A life of service is a life well lived, General.  RIP.

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