14 Apr Ten Years of Experiences, or Ten Years of the Same Experience?

time-keeps-slippingSimplicity was all the rage when Elaine St. James came out with her book in 1996 called, “Living the Simple Life.”  As we claw our way back out of the Great Recession, many of us are redesigning our lives to make a difference in the lives of others as opposed to amassing titles and things.  So why is it so difficult for us to ask ourselves the questions we know we need to answer, and why can’t we act on those answers?

Many of us are still stuck in a go-go-go mentality where we don’t set aside time for ourselves for contemplation and reflection.  I coach a lot of mid-career professional who are trying desperately to primarily balance three things:  Career ambitions, family obligations, and health and fitness goals.  There will always be a Yin and Yang, and I think balance is a myth.  Just as we can’t hold a physical balance forever, circumstances will always dictate where time shifts are needed.  However, the importance and value of each important aspect of our lives should never waiver.

Many of the people I coach long to change directions, and start a new chapter, but stay stuck in a rut.  “Next year I’ll make a change.”  “As soon as we have enough money…”  Are they destined to repeat the same experiences year after year, or are they designing a life where they will have new experience each year with their career and family while actually becoming healthier?  The essence of renewal starts with solitude when you ask yourself the tough questions you know you need to answer honestly, and start to design your life where balance won’t seem like such a struggle.


“There’s no time like the present,

No present like time.

And life can be over in the space of a rhyme.”

 ― Georgia Byng



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