11 Aug Solo versus…

IMG_2068I am a big advocate for seeking solitude for reflection, and consider myself very fortunate to have access to some of the best wilderness in the world here in Colorado.  I have solo hiked, backpacked, and climbed a lot mountains over the years, and have used that time to solve a myriad of challenges; and benefit from a recharge that lasts for weeks!

On my last climb up Mount Harvard, I was accompanied by one of my good friends.  It was a good reminder how much easier the climb is when you share the literal ups and downs.  It’s a lot like leadership.  We need time away from our organizations in order to work on our organizations.  But when we’re in our organization, the journey is easier when you are accompanied by people you implicitly trust, enjoy their company, convey patience, and ultimately, make you a better person.

Like everything, it’s a balance.  You will always need solo time, but surrounding yourself with the right people can help you accomplish far more than you can alone.

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