18 Aug Elusive Focus

photoFocus can be defined as the ability to adapt to the prevailing level of light and to see more clearly.  In business, focus is all about execution and results, and the adaptation has more to do with internal strengths and weaknesses, and external threats and opportunities.  The one thing most agree on is that in both cases, it can be difficult to adjust and achieve.

I am finding that there are two types of focus as a leader:  One where I work by myself on the business; and one where I work with others in the business.  As I focus my efforts on the business, I think about the other things I am choosing not to do.   The ability to adapt to the “prevailing level of light” is akin to leveraging the team’s individual and collective strengths to engage in high value activities.  As is often the case, it boils down to asking the right questions.  What does success look like for the organization, and the individuals?  What values (things we hold dear) are reinforced through our actions that will contribute to ongoing success?

The challenge is prioritizing time on a daily basis that insures the well-conceived goals of the strategic plans are realized.  It’s a juggling act between the daily maelstroms that sucks you in, and having the discipline to focus on what will propel the organization forward.  It’s been said that good plans shape good decisions, and that’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.  Quite apropos.

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