03 Jun Start-ups in Ireland

I visited with three of the five students teams over here in Ireland working with start-up organizations.  The first was Groupnos in the Silicon Docks area in the Trinity Tower.  Enda Madden is the co-founder and CEO, and he’s been extremely engaged with the students as they work through the project.  They’re really getting a feel for how important focus is, and all the juggling that goes on with a start-up.  He’s exposed them to how they manage projects, funding, development and marketing.  There products are designed to integrate with existing case management software and allow clinicians & case manager to track patient outcomes in real-time across a range of services including: mental health case management, employee assistance programs, substance abuse, chronic disease management, protective services, social work, and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 2.18.08 PMThe second group is working with SportsVantage over at the UCD campus.  The primary contact is Andrew Parish with IP Activation Group.   Since this is such an early start-up, we’re not able to share too much publicly, but it’s pretty cool!

The third group is working with Eoin Killian Costello at Startup Ireland.  This video link provides a great 2-minute overview of what you would hear from Eoin and others working hard to create an innovation/accelerator/start-up magnet for the world.

In all three cases, the students are working hard, learning a lot about business, entrepreneurship and the cultural nuances that make Ireland a great gateway for business in Europe.  Tomorrow I will spend time with Abrevia and Billfaster, and then we wrap on Thursday where I am really looking forward to hearing the student’s take-aways thus far!

I failed to take a single picture today – ugh!  So I am posting one from the day we left Belfast.  As you can see, my 3 foot  jump in the air was not timed correctly…

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