04 Jun Start-ups in Ireland – Day 2

Last day working with the start-ups here in Ireland, and all the student group presented their final findings today.  I visited with two of the five students teams, and the first group was Billfaster.  Their work was basically focused on presenting a marketing overview to include a competitive overview.  
IMG_2457I wasn’t able to see the final presentation, but will debrief with that team and all the others tomorrow in a 2.5 hour session.

I did hear the team working at Abrevia present and they were fantastic.  They absolutely hit a home run and exceeded all expectations.  The conducted an employee engagement survey, and made solid recommendation for a digital marketing strategy.  Afterwards, we had a great dinner celebration with some of the team from Abrivia, and I was able to speak with the engaging CEO, Donal O’Brien (who is a schoolmate of a Denver contact – small world!).


I was also able to present to about 25 entrepreneurs at NDRC who are all in startup mode.  We spoke about leadership, the persistence and resiliency required to succeed, how no one does it alone, and how important it is to step back and hear the unheard.

Tomorrow is the last day, and I can’t wait to hear the student’s primary take-aways from this experience.  And already looking forward to next year!









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