07 Aug Generous Sponsors Make a Difference for One Special Veteran

The Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible™ expedition this fall is designed to transform leaders through adventure and adversity. The experience takes leadership abilities to new levels in an intense, dynamic and unpredictable environment that maps to today’s challenging business environment.

One of the participant’s this year will be Mike Petschel. Mike is a veteran of the Iraq War, and the founder of CU’s Boots to Suits program. He is now the Field Marketing Manager at Molson Coors doing great things internationally. I had the privilege to mentor Mike, and it’s been extremely rewarding to see him thrive in his new role.

Mike PetschelThe journey starts with an expedition in Canyonlands, Utah from October 8-12, which includes 5 days and 4 nights of backpacking with other ambitious and inspirational leaders. Knowing the experience will be transformational, we’ll follow the expedition with a retreat and coaching, so the group can encourage and support each other to leverage what they learned to make a real difference in their organization, community, and family.

The expedition is possible in part through the generous support of a scholarship for Mike to attend. He will have the opportunity to learn from the other great leaders who will be with us, and I know he’ll impart his own unique wisdom on the others participating.


2014 Sponsors



I2 Construction, LLP is a commercial general contractor focused on building long term relationships with clients and team members by providing cutting edge service with loyalty and respect.



Summit Automotive Partners is dedicated to setting new standards of customer experience in the automotive industry through vehicle sales and service at 15 dealerships and 22 franchises across New England, Colorado, and Tennessee.




Motivity Solutions is the award-winning creator of the mortgage industry’s leading business intelligence platform centered on the idea that ‘What Gets Measured Gets Results.’



Agility Solutions offers Profit Assurance® consultants who help large companies find, capture and protect the money they’ve earned.




RMS Cranes is Colorado’s leading mobile crane service since 1977 servicing lifting needs with capacities from 20-500 tons.

To learn more about the expedition and download a brochure, please click here.

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