02 Nov Five Things to Improve Morale – and they’re all free

With all the talk about multi-generational engagement, commitment, morale and employee satisfaction, I think it’s important to remember a few simple things leaders can do without asking for more resources.

  1. IMG_3051People support what they help create.  Involve them as much as possible in the decision making process so that they can see their fingerprints on what it is you’re asking them to do.
  2. Communicate.  You can’t over-communicate the Why and the Purpose.  People want to know the organization  has a higher purpose than just profit.
  3. Praise and Recognize all your direct reports weekly.  A wise manager once told me:  “Job number one is to catch people doing things right.  It’s way too easy to catch people doing things wrong… but not nearly as productive.”
  4. Let people know of their progress monthly.  If you’re clear on what the expectations are, then it’s easy to let people know if they’re hitting them.  If not, they want to know so they can be recognized for their achievements.
  5. People should feel your #1 job is to provide opportunities to help them grow and develop.  Take the time to show them you truly care.  Our needs are pretty basic with each other.  We want to know the people around us care about us, are trustworthy, and are committed to our success.

Easy, right?

The Chairman and CEO of Gallup, Jim Clifton, wrote earlier this year:

A winning culture is one of engagement and individual contribution to an important mission and purpose. Human beings are not looking for company-bought goodies — they are looking for meaningful, fulfilling work.

Work that is recognized and appreciated.

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