26 Nov What do you think of you as a leader?

Self Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM: Expedition Designed by Leaders for Leaders

Self Reliant Leadership is a philosophy about embracing adversity, strengthening the leader/teacher role, and hearing the unheard. It’s about knowing which questions to ask, and having the courage to answer them and act to produce extraordinary results.

What is your tolerance for adversity and uncertainty?

How do you guide people to the source of their own power?

How can solitude and introspection focus your energy to produce the greatest impact?

Sunset at the base of Titan Tower near Moab - October 2014

Sunset at the base of Titan Tower near Moab – October 2014

Self-Reliant Leaders have the Courage, Humility and Discipline that inspires followership with teams of people who are Resourceful, Collaborative and Focused.

Courage + Vigilance = Resilient

Experience how adversity impacts critical problem solving abilities and learn how to channel your focus and resolve to provide optimum team outcomes.

Humility + Confidence = Collaborative

Deepen your knowledge and skills for making mission critical decisions with incomplete information to communicate more clearly and effectively with your team.

 Discipline + Inspiration = Focused

Bring out your true leadership abilities during times of duress and pressure that map to today’s challenging business environment.

The right questions dictate priorities and help focus individuals, teams and organizations for a greater purpose.

Ready to take on an adventure that will challenge and inspire you to your core?

The Crucible is designed to provide a unique learning experience for executives amid real life business challenges that makes this anti-vacation stand out.  It’s designed to attract highly-accomplished leaders who have already demonstrated influence in their careers, and are looking to connect with other leaders equally interested in leading breakthrough solutions to their organization’s challenges.

The emphasis is on slowing down to dismantle participants’ paradigms and inhibitive frameworks while introducing non-traditional perspectives. The Crucible provides an opportunity for personal introspection for future transformation within teams, organizations, markets, and society.

Participants are encouraged to identify their own individual agendas for the expedition, and coaching is provided beforehand to help maximize the impact by identifying passion, purpose, and unique talents.

The location is an intentional step away from our daily routines, which can be insular, noisy, and narrow making the time for reflection and re-thinking current approaches a challenge.  The Crucible provides a powerful experience that fosters the exchange of new ideas, and a unique opportunity to hone your leadership edge and bring out your true potential.

The Crucible is an executive only program for 10 amazing leaders that includes powerful, challenging and transformative experiences to reinforce learning and foster the exchange of new ideas..

It will take your leadership abilities to new levels in an intense, dynamic and unpredictable environment. Simply put, you will not be the same leader on the other side as when you arrive.

Download the brochure with details here.

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