30 Nov Ireland Retreat

Based on the success of traveling to Ireland and meeting with leaders since 2011, we’re planning a retreat on Leadership & International Business for C-level Executives from June 6-13, 2015.  Denver’s Honorary Consul of Ireland, Jim Lyons  is scheduled to join us, and provide personal commentary and enlightening introductions.

During lunch on January 27th at UC Denver’s Business School, Jim will be presenting his book (Peace Meets the Streets) and discussing his experiences in Ireland as President Clinton’s US Observer to the International Fund for Ireland, and as Special Advisor to the President and Secretary of State for Economic Initiatives in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.
   The Executive Retreat to Ireland is designed to provide a unique learning experience for executives and entrepreneurs amid real life business challenges that makes this anti-vacation stand out.  It’s designed to attract highly-accomplished executives and entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated influence in their careers, and are looking to connect with other leaders equally interested in leading breakthrough solutions to their organization’s challenges.
   The emphasis is on slowing down to dismantle participants’ paradigms and inhibitive frameworks while introducing non-traditional perspectives. The trip provides an opportunity for personal introspection for future transformation within teams, organizations, markets, and society.
   Partners on the ground in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland represent entrepreneurs, corporations, government agencies and academic institutions, and provide a lens from their own experiences across the world.  The benefit to the partner organizations is seeing how a diverse network of high-performing business leaders outside of their realm can drive fresh insights that lead them to new solutions as well. It is expected that the relationships formed during the trip will spur further exploration of the ideas discussed and proposed.
   Both Dublin and Belfast represent diverse international hubs that have long-valued education, perseverance and innovation. They also represent distinct points of view; progressive societies leading change in many sectors with a focus on technological innovation and entrepreneurship with a global perspective.  Disruptive innovation results, and this is the environment in which we learn new perspectives in order to transform ideas into action.
   The location is an intentional step away from our daily routines, which can be insular, noisy, and narrow making the time for reflection and re-thinking current approaches a challenge.  The trip provides a powerful experience that fosters the exchange of new ideas, and a unique opportunity to hone your leadership edge and bring out your true potential.
   Participants are encouraged to identify their own individual agendas for the trip, and coaching is offered to help maximize the impact by identifying passion, purpose, and unique talents.  Download the brochure with details here.
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