07 Dec Are We Asking Too Much from Our Leaders?

Or… are we asking too little from each other? We spend enormous energy dealing with internal communication issues (i.e., team dysfunction) that keep us from realizing our full potential. Our intention is to create an inspired common purpose that binds people together, but our efforts are often seen as over-management with mere compliance rather than true commitment.

In a number of recent forums with CEO’s, three themes have emerged as commitments to improve organizational effectiveness: 

  1. IMG_1170Part of success is in letting go – empowering people – taking a risk by allowing them to fail (without fear of reprisal).
  2. To focus individual passions and advance the mission, provide the tools and resources that are needed for success – really listening to them (“the art of the question”).
  3. Slow down to speed up. Take time for reflection – to determine whether all the activities truly reflect results-oriented priorities (“hear the unheard”).

Self-Reliant leaders have the Courage, Humility and Discipline that inspires followership with teams of people who are Resilient, Collaborative and Focused. The self-reliance they possess, along with the interconnectedness of their teams, shows up in the leadership traits they strive to balance:

They have a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty: Courage + Vigilance = Resilient

They guide people to the source of their own power: Humility + Confidence = Collaborative

Most importantly, they use solitude and introspection to focus the team’s energy to produce the greatest impact: Discipline + Inspiration = Focused

Blaise Pascal, a 17th Century problem solver, may have best captured the essence of what’s needed from the 21st Century leader: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Is that asking too much?



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