13 Apr Risk < Resourceful + Resilient

The three R’s when it comes to leadership – Risk-taking, Resourcefulness and Resiliency.

RISK – Many of the top leaders I meet want their managers to take risks.  When I ask, “Is it OK to fail here?”  You can hear a pin drop.  They say, “It depends.”  Then I ask, “Do the managers know the ‘rules?’  Do they know what the expectations are with regard to their authority?”

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.45.08 AMRESOURCEFUL – The same leaders want managers who can do more with less, of course.  There will never be enough time, talent or treasury.  Being resourceful requires a blend of courage and commitment.

RESILIENT – To quote Tom Peters, leaders need to be masters of “bouncebackability.”  Can adversity be the anvil upon which virtues are forged into resilient character traits?

One of the leaders I admire most is a Belfast angel investor, and every summer, he tells my students at the conclusion of his talk, “Life ain’t a dress rehearsal!”  This causes the students to reflect on their own life story and choices to date.  Decisions determine destiny.

Self-reliant leaders takes risks.  They use limited resources to accomplish heroic aspirations.  They also fail… and learn… and demonstrate remarkable inner and outer resilience to inspire people to do more than thought they could.  With great effort, they simply lead.

*I just completed my Self-Reliant Leadership Manifesto.  If you would like a copy, drop me a line, and I’ll send it over!  

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