27 May Ireland – Day 6 (commercialization)

One of the MBA teams is working with Nuritas in Dun Laoghaire, and I had the privilege of meeting the founder, Dr. Nora Khaldi, and the CEO, Emmet Browne. Nora’s vision is nothing short of…IMG_3748changing the world through the discovery, processing and delivery of life changing ingredients found in nature to improve the sustainability of the world’s food supply.  The student’s project is to help them create simple and powerful messaging that communicates the purpose and value of Nuritas to channel partners and end consumers.

The other team is working with Conor Toolan, the CEO of iData, which has LiDAR based Perimeter Security and Infrastructure Monitoring capabilities.  The students on this team aim to clarify the market potential and present strategic direction options and recommendations.

In both cases, the students are working diligently to provide structure to their discovery process, ask thought-provoking questions whilst studying their own team dynamic.  We have a lot of work to do between now and the CEO presentations on June 3, and I am confident that the students are going to exceed our client companies expectations!


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