30 May Ireland – Day 9 (hope)

It’s been said that hope is not a strategy.  Hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.”  During our Black Cab tour of the city, “hope” is the inspirational word one of the student’s wrote on the Peace Wall in Belfast today.

1As for the future, it made me think of the elusive there.  Defined, there is “at, or to that place or position.”  Hope might be the desire, but there is the vision a leader brings to life, which inspires action and leads to real change.

Five years ago when I visited Belfast, people said the walls will come down in 20 years – one more generation. Today, five years later, they’re saying the same thing.  “The walls keeps the peace…  Twenty more years…”

A true leader has the courage to articulate a vision in such a way that constituents are hopeful, confident, and inspired to act in a committed fashion for the greater good.  There.

What’s the greater good?  When?

How can come later…

Hunter Quinn

Hunter Quinn

  • Jeanette Dean
    Posted at 01:45h, 01 June Reply

    My heart hurts for the people of Belfast who live under the shadow of those protective and divisive walls. As I look at that image of Hunter writing on the wall, I wonder if the locals are writing on it to. Do they have enough hope and courage in their hearts to take that risk to dare to hope ?

    Time has shown us that it’s harder to dismantle a wall than it is to erect a wall in Belfast.

    Political peace can happen quickly but the growth of true PEACE in the heart is a gradual process. Walls of fear, prejudice and mistrust come down slowly unless there are great and mighty acts of God or remarkable acts of creative collaboration within Belfast.

    I can experience HOPE as a person because God’s love has been poured out into my heart through the Holy Spirit. The holy spirit is one person of the Trinity. When I draw near to God I am very encouraged and inspired by him. The spirit gives me comfort, hope, counsel, strength and strategy. Alternatively the book of proverbs speaks of a hope that when deferred makes the heart sick. When one talks peace to gain favor but doesn’t do the hard foot work of getting along with people we promote a false hope for constituents that disappoints or makes the hear sick.

    Many people living alongside those walls are SICK with insecurity, trauma, mistrust, disappointment and persecution and they need hope and comfort to feel good about dismantling physical walls.

    What tools/strategy can be used THERE today to take down a life sucking system of shame and disgrace ?

    Before he became a King, David used his lowly skill as a shepherd, and 5 stones, to take down a humiliating giant, Goliath.

  • Jan Rutherford
    Posted at 07:10h, 01 June Reply

    Jeanette – thanks as always for your thoughtful note. Your city is getting there… I’m inpatient to see it be all that it can and will be.

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