03 Jun Ireland – Day 13 (whew!)

The students worked hard to finish all the projects, and they learned a ton thanks to the good people at iData, Startup Ireland, and Nuritas!

Conor Toolan from iData wrote:

I was to express my thanks. The group did a great job. They took the question I had posed and effectively said, “This is the wrong question – you need to step back and ask why rather than what.” What they produced was far better than if they had merely delivered a list of [what I first asked for].  They did an excellent job and have left me with a very useful document full of questions that need answers, as well as some great content, for which I’m grateful.


And I think Nuritas is going to be in the news for years to come thanks to a visionary founder, a world-class CEO, and an extraordinary team!

It was great being here for two weeks, and I especially enjoyed being able to talk politics with no holds barred!  This is certainly a special place with industrious people being courageously resourceful, humble & collaborative, and with a good mix of discipline, craic and focus!


  • Jeanette Dean
    Posted at 19:26h, 03 June Reply

    Well done Jan! It wouldn’t happen without your courageous and strategic leadership.

  • Jan Rutherford
    Posted at 05:14h, 04 June Reply

    I don’t know about courage, but thank you. All I know is it’s a lot of work – but always well worth it for Ireland and the United States.

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