28 Feb CRU•CI•BLE – A difficult test or challenge (with Green Berets and Executives)

Tired of your status quo? Desire to lead with conviction and greater purpose? Ready to take on an adventure that will challenge and inspire you to your core?

The Self-Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM expedition is designed for growing executive leaders and transitioning Green Berets through adventure and adversity.

Run twice yearly, the next Self Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM is starting on April 28th near Moab, Utah. It’s an intentional step away from daily routines, which can be insular, noisy, and narrow making the time for reflection and re-thinking current approaches a challenge. The experience is designed to provide a powerful experience for executives, and foster the exchange of new ideas, and a unique opportunity to hone one’s leadership edge. The goal is to take leadership abilities to new levels in an intense, dynamic and unpredictable environment with a focus on facing adversity with resiliency, resourcefulness, clear communication, and more effective decision-making.

In conjunction with the Green Beret Foundation’s Next Ridgeline, three Green Beret soldiers will also be participating. All are interested in making important contributions in the business world, and the goal of The Crucible is to expose them to business executives who can help them see they already possess the skills needed for today’s business challenges: Leadership, teamwork, critical problem solving skills, resourcefulness, resilience, and a high adversity quotient.

The objective and expected outcome is that the Green Berets will gain confidence while realizing the only element they’re missing is a new vocabulary. The other outcome is the Green Berets will impart just as much wisdom and knowledge on the business executives when it comes to becoming a force multiplier through diplomacy.

The course is…

  • Designed to bring out your true leadership abilities during times of duress and pressure that map to today’s business environment.
  • An experience on how adversity impacts critical problem solving abilities and how to channel your focus and resolve to provide optimum team outcomes
  • A way to deepen your knowledge and skills for making mission critical decisions with incomplete information to communicate more clearly and effectively with your team
  • A powerful, challenging experience that reinforces learning and fosters the exchange of new ideas.

For more information on participating, or sponsoring a future expedition, please contact us here.

The Crucible expedition would not be possible without sponsors, and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of Western Union, and their top-tier executives who have been actively participating and contributing to the cause with their own special talents.




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