06 Mar The Leadership Skill Lacking

Provide consequences for good, or unacceptable behavior.

It’s about catching people doing things right, and addressing poor performance.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.48.52 AMIt take courage, and as Aristotle said, “Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence.”

Providing consequences for good, or unacceptable behavior addresses the five “functions” of an effective team. It will build trust, master conflict, gain commitment, model accountability, and focus on results.

We don’t catch people doing things right for a few reasons. One is our own insecurity. We’ll mask this be saying. “Why should I thank people for doing their job?” We are also afraid that being gracious might mean people will take advantage of us. We’re afraid to trust, and then we aren’t trusted.

Catching people doing things right is easy. Make it timely, specific and personal.

When it comes to accepting poor performance, we avoid confrontation and difficult conversations. We want to be liked, and we procrastinate difficult conversations “hoping” things get better.

Confronting poor performance is first making sure people understand the expectations when it comes to results (a number), and the required behaviors needed to get the job done that are aligned with the core values of the organization.

Setting clear expectations, and providing consequences for behavior creates a culture of discipline and focus.

When people are appreciated, praised and recognized, they reward your team with exceptional performance. When mediocrity isn’t tolerated, good people become a magnet for new talent.

What heroic aspirations can be realized for your organization by simply providing consequences for performance?

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