17 Apr 5 Things That Will Not Happen With This Team


The Self-Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM is an expedition designed for executives and transitioning Green Berets. Run twice yearly, the next Self Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM will begin on April 28th near Moab, Utah.

It’s an intentional step away from daily routines, which can be insular, noisy, and narrow making the time for reflection and re-thinking current approaches a real challenge.

Because of the selection process, and the careful setting of expectations, there are 5 things we will not encounter during the expedition:Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.37.55 AM

  1. Complicated and convoluted language versus clear and simple communication.
  2. Authoritative versus collaborative decision-making
  3. Conflict distractions versus diverse points of view
  4. Aloof versus fully engaged participation
  5. Real human connection that make accountability a proud duty versus an onerous obligation.

Along with three prominent executives, three Green Beret soldiers will also be participating. All are interested in making important contributions in the business world, and the goal of The Crucible is to expose them to business executives who can help them see they already possess the skills needed for today’s business challenges: Leadership, teamwork, critical problem solving skills, resourcefulness, resilience, and a high adversity quotient.

A critical prerequisite is that we take great care in selecting participants based on three attributes:

  1. Selflessness (net-givers)
  2. Adventurous spirit (courage and calculated risk-takers)
  3. Truly heroic aspirations (desire to make a difference in the lives of others)

The experience is designed to provide a powerful experience for leaders, and foster the exchange of new ideas, and a unique opportunity to hone one’s leadership edge. The goal is to take leadership abilities to new levels in an intense, dynamic and unpredictable environment with a focus on facing adversity with resiliency, resourcefulness, clear communication, and more effective decision-making.

There will be challenges, but internal strife will not be one of them!


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