05 May What Happens When You Mix Executives, Special Operations Soldiers and Dirt?

Actually, magic…

Run throughout the year, the Self Reliant Leadership Crucible mixes Special Operations soldiers transitioning to the business world, and executives looking to step back from daily routines to reflect and re-think current approaches to challenges.

Business leaders come away with a new appreciation for the sacrifices our elite soldiers make, and that they’re not only warriors and diplomats, but true renaissance men “packaged” to make an immediate contribution to the business world.IMG_4103

Special Operations soldiers learn that there are great teams outside the military with highly effective leaders who truly have their team’s back.

  • We learn that emotional intelligence is what makes a leader.
  • We learn that Self-Reliant Leadership is being responsible for your own development, and that leadership is not about you.
  • We learn managers do things right, and leaders instigate change and focus their team and the organization on the right things.
  • We learn that motivation comes from within, and leaders create environments where people are inspired to do their best.
  • We learn our limits by pushing ourselves to the edge, and understanding that adversity is a tool for positive change
  • We learn that building a team starts with shared values, trust, and fostering an open, honest and safe environment.
  • We coach when we need to, and have the discipline to not coach when not needed.
  • We handle conflict directly with clarity and an ear to hear the unheard.
  • We lead change through the belief that people support what they help create.
  • We know that followership is an important trait for leaders who empower others.
  • We believe there is something to learn from everyone, and that the law of reciprocity is the key to being a mentor, and being mentored.
  • We know there is a big difference in compliance and true commitment, and to gain the latter, we need to lead with the virtues of Courage, Wisdom, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence.


The experience provides a powerful experience for both groups, and fosters the exchange of new ideas, and a unique opportunity to hone one’s leadership edge. Leadership abilities advance to new levels in an intense, dynamic and unpredictable environment with a focus on facing adversity with resiliency, resourcefulness, clear communication, and more effective decision-making.

The Crucible expedition would not be possible without sponsors, and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of Western Union, and their top-tier executives who have been actively participating and contributing to the cause with their own special talents.

For more information on participating, or sponsoring a future Crucible expedition, please contact us here.

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