31 May Ireland – Last Day!

We had a great last day thanks to our gracious hosts: Carl Dempsey at SalesForce.com, Blaise O’Donnell at LinkedIn, and Ann Marie Duffin at NDRC!

IMG_3250We were also joined by Heather Stafford from Business Oregon, and Angela Jackson from the Portland Seed Fund who provided a great deal of insight on start-up ecosystems, and how similar Dublin, Ireland, and Portland, Oregon really are!  On June 3rd, Oregon and Ireland will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Connect Ireland along with the US Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin O’Malley.  Now that’s bridge building!

My big take-away from the trip was that it is all about connections, and the “secret” is that reciprocity is key.  And it’s best to invest in givers than takers.  The other bit is on the business side, and that is it’s almost always a math problem.  There is always a number to solve for…

As for 3 pillars of Self-Reliant Leadership (this part is a test to see if any of the student team include this in their final presentations!):

Leading Self 

  • CQ – Character Quotient
    • Courage | Wisdom | Justice | Humanity \ Temperance | Transcendence
  • AQ – Adversity Quotient
    • Control | Ownership | Reach | Endurance

Leading Others

  • EQ – Emotional Quotient
    • Self-awarness | Self-regulation | Social skills | Empathy | Motivation

Leading the Organization

  • SQ – Strategic Quotient
    • Leadership Levers – People | Process | Structure | Rewards

Next up are student presentation from 608pm on June 15th at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, Room 2201.  Dear reader  – you are very welcome to join us to learn more about the experience here in Ireland!

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