29 Oct Trading Money for Time – Corporate Suit Turned Mountain Man

The following interview with Dennis Lund was conducted at Camp Halton – 8 miles from Joseph, Oregon.

Dennis was in the publishing business before he purposefully and methodically “checked out” of corporate America and traded money for time. One thing he said that really struck me was that he can still squander time if he’s not careful. Dennis views time as a precious commodity, and thinks it a luxury to have an abundance of it. Given that just about every executive I meet complains of being stretched thin, I think there are some valuable lessons to learn from Dennis’ insight. The lesson always learned on the Crucible Expeditions is that you have to slow down sometimes in order to speed up. Said another way, figure out the priority – that which is truly essential – and direct your focus there. That’s where you will ultimately “find time.”

Dennis in the process of writing a book on his experience that will be out in 2018.

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