Ireland – Day 5 (connections)
We met with Kate Tyrell and Ruaidhrí Dowling from the Anglo-Irish Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Iveagh House.  We lucked out once again in that our visit coincided exactly with...
Ireland – Day (off) 3
I wasn't so sure about driving across the country and back in one day - 7 total hours driving on the wrong side of the road, but boy am I glad I did!
Ireland – Day 2

Today was mostly a free day for the students.  We started off with an early tour of Kilmainham Gaol (jail), which helps the students understand the last 100 years of Irish history, and how the Republic came to be.  It was interesting in that the tour...

Welcome to Ireland – 2015!
Here we are in Dublin at Trinity College starting our two-week course on Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland!  We've got a great group this year - 7 MBA students, 6 business students, one teaching assistant, and a videographer for the first day.  The students are diverse in background, perspective, and future goals.
What a Near Perfect Team Taught Me
I recently had the privilege of leading an expedition with six amazing men, and I've been racking my brain trying to process the learnings. With most teams - new or old - there is at least one breakdown that hopefully leads to a breakthrough in performance, growth, results and development. We had numerous breakthroughs, but not one came from any sort of breakdown. It's pretty amazing that six strangers came together for four days without at least one conflict, disagreement or general agitation! It just didn't happen, and what follows is what I have "processed" so far on why I think we had uncommon success.
Risk < Resourceful + Resilient
The three R's when it comes to leadership - Risk-taking, Resourcefulness and Resiliency. RISK - Many of the top leaders I meet want their managers to take risks.  When I ask, "Is it OK to fail here?"  You can hear a pin drop.  They say, "It depends."  Then I ask, "Do the managers know the 'rules?'  Do they know what the expectations are with regard to their authority?"
iLead – the Leadership Connection with Linda Sharkey, Ph.D.

Episode Description:

Leadership and organizations that focus on developing great leaders have been proven to have better business results and cultures of high performance. Leadership is truly the force multiplier of any organization. But having great leaders and being a great leader does not come without a lot of "blood, sweat and tears." Being a leader is a privilege. Leadership is about helping others connect the dots and master their own destiny.

Is your team making your job easier, or harder? Five Solutions.
If your answer is easier, congratulations! If your answer is harder, you are certainly not alone. The frustration I hear most often expressed by leaders is that of time. No time to think. No time to work on the important things that aren't urgent, but have the potential to propel the business forward. No time for important things other than work (i.e., family, vacation, adventure, civic or charity work, etc.). We've all heard the "right people in the right seats on the bus" stuff, but replacing your entire team is only easy on paper. The fact is, you hired your team because they have the skills, bought into your vision, and were likeable. Sure, they may have disappointed you since your hired them; but you probably aren't the leader they thought you were either. Over time, you've both uncovered each other's attributes and flaws.
Four leaders – five lessons – one thread
In the past few weeks I spoke to four highly regarded executives. We didn't talk about their achievements, because their learning, growth and development from setbacks and struggles were far more interesting to them.
The one thing horses can teach you about leadership…
I recently had the opportunity to see Jean-Jacques Joris in action, and spoke to him about his work with mindfulness, psychotherapy, life-coaching, and leadership training... with horses.  A native of Geneva, Switzerland, Jean-Jacques Joris spent 15 years in the Swiss foreign service where he was confronted with acute human suffering while also witnessing the power of human resiliency.  Wishing to shift his focus from the political to the individual realm, Jean-Jacques now builds bridges among people of different cultural, political and religious backgrounds.
Is Leadership an illusion of Control?
Leaders are comfortable with being uncomfortable; because they know every life event thrown their way can be a tremendous learning experience. Leadership can be an illusion of control, but changing your perspective on every day experiences can provide inspirational learning opportunities for personal growth and development.
Are We Asking Too Much from Our Leaders?
Or… are we asking too little from each other? We spend enormous energy dealing with internal communication issues (i.e., team dysfunction) that keep us from realizing our full potential. Our intention is to create an inspired common purpose that binds people together, but our efforts are often seen as over-management with mere compliance rather than true commitment. In a number of recent forums with CEO's, three themes have emerged as commitments to improve organizational effectiveness: 
Ireland Retreat
Based on the success of traveling to Ireland and meeting with leaders since 2011, we're planning a retreat on Leadership & International Business for C-level Executives from June 6-13, 2015.  Denver's Honorary Consul of Ireland, Jim Lyons  is scheduled to join us, and provide personal commentary and enlightening introductions.
What do you think of you as a leader?
Self Reliant Leadership CrucibleTM: Expedition Designed by Leaders for Leaders Self Reliant Leadership is a philosophy about embracing adversity, strengthening the leader/teacher role, and hearing the unheard. It's about knowing which questions to ask, and having the courage to answer them and act to produce extraordinary results.

What is your tolerance for adversity and uncertainty?

How do you guide people to the source of their own power?

How can solitude and introspection focus your energy to produce the greatest impact?