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“Jan is definitely one of the most committed, passionate, and knowledgeable teachers and practitioners of leadership and management I have worked with.”


Jim Downey, Vice President of Global Learning and Organizational Development, CH2M Hill

“Jan Rutherford is at once a fire-hardened leader, an inspiring storyteller, and a contemplative scholar. His treatment of Self-Reliant Leadership is the hypergolic fuel that will move you and your organization from excellence to extraordinary, from success to significance.”


Joseph A. “Bud” Ahearn, Major General U.S. Airforce (Ret.), Vice Chairman Emeritus, CH2M Hill

“I have had the privilege of knowing Jan by various interactions from a professional board with 14 CEOs to being a personal mentor and a professional leadership coach. I’ll never forget in one of our coaching sessions, I came to him with the typical baggage of a CEO. Jan’s good nature, the ability to create clarity from complexity, put the ownership and responsibility of leadership back in my vision. With the new clarity and resolve gained from my time with Jan, I was able to achieve greater leadership. I would recommend Jan for any speaking engagement where the value of leadership is appreciated, regardless of the size of the group or the requirements of the gathering; Jan will make the connection as he has with me”


Steven Spring, CEO at Aspen Systems,Inc
“Jan is an extraordinary man. He is an expert facilitator, powerful motivator, insightful consultant, and devoted mentor.  I am indebted to Jan for having invited me to participate in the Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible expedition. Moreover, I am forever enriched by the new friends I’ve gained through this profoundly unique experience. There are very few people who have earned my highest respect in both business and life. Jan is one of the best.”


Jim Vaselopulos, Founder, CEO, President, CIO/CTO, Sr. Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member
“Jan calls it Self-Reliant Leadership…it would be equally as appropriate to call it Self-Resilient leadership. Resilience is defined as – being able to withstand or recover quicly from difficult connditions. As I look back on my time in the military there is one phrase that frequently comes to mind – one foot in front of the other.  


As a I entered the business world, having known only the military life, I was squarely outside of my comfort zone and, in many ways, still am. I am where I am today due to the resilience and drive to acomplish my objective that the Military instilled in me. The Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible has kept that at the forefront of my mind as the familiarity of the business world grows. 


The world belongs to the discontented. Often we need to remind ourselves that we must do things differently if we wish to see different results. The Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible helps us find the courage to step away from the familiar and lead people to acheive extraordinary ends that we would otherwise not realize through simply continuing down the path that we have always known.  


I thank Jan for helping to keep me discontented and always striving to achieve more and live a life more fulfilled”


Mike Petschel, Country Manager at Molson Coors
“Jan is without exception, one of the most empathetic, observant, and helpful people that I’ve ever met. Having hired Jan as a speaker for my company, he delivered on his promise to show how leadership applies to all members on the team, regardless of their title. My team gave glowing reviews after the discussion and have been re-energized since the talk – an amazing outcome. Always a straight-shooter, Jan is a standout among his peers”


Fernando Cardenas, CEO, TalentRiot
“I was able to bring Jan in to speak to my Vistage group as well as to the highly successful 2013 Orange County All City event where Jan provided several workshops. He added value and executable leadership ideas to our business owners, company presidents, CEOs and Key Executives. “


David Kinnear, Vistage Chair

“Honestly Jan, you made such an impact on the island. All of the feedback we get, talks about the incredible impact you made on the people attending. You have an amazing gift – that of a teacher and guide, grounded in real world experience. That, and a humble disposition, really does make you an inspiration. Proud to know you! Cheers,”


Andrew Parish – Ireland – Entrepreneur | Founder |CEO | Board Member | Business Mentor

“Jan is an extraordinary mentor and coach. He’s supported my leadership and career by asking me challenging and relevant questions. As a result, I’ve been able to shape my leadership journey more strategically. His wisdom and honest approach have given me rich insights. He leads with integrity: he truly practices what he skillful delivers as a facilitator, speaker and coach.”


Theresa Letman, Strategic VP of Marketing and Sales | Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Speaker
“Jan has been an excellent coach for me both professionally and personally over the past two years. I first met him while participating in the Men’s Leadership Institute through the The Leadership Investment. He and I were paired together as coach and coachee during this program, but our relationship turned into more than that. He has helped me see through both personal and professional crucibles and has guided me that I need to be self reliant to be in control of my own destiny.” 


Hal Shapiro, Global Sales Leader at Industrial Insulation Group, LLC

“I’ve had the benefit of working with Jan in various capacities for the better part of two decades, but our most recent experience in his capacity cemented the many value that I’ve come to associate with his character, intelligence and business results. Jan brings leadership to life, and when I asked Jan and his associates to work with a trusted friend and colleague who happens to be the CEO of a health system, I knew I had put him in good hands. Their attention to detail and willingness to take the time to understand the dynamics of the executive team and the often hidden elements that drive behaviors within an organization produced key insights to serve as catalysts for change. The core values and techniques that Jan has perfected over the years are embodied in their methodology and I’m happy to recommend them to executive leaders seeking to accelerate change, unify teams and drive growth across their organizations.”


Mark Rangell, COO at Applied Pathways LLC

“Thank you for presenting at the Metro Denver Oncology Nursing Society’s Conference. I wanted to take a moment to make sure you were aware of the impact you had. Your presentation was emotionally moving, energizing and gave way to tap into our leadership potentials. Discussing the great leaders in your life allowed us to reflect upon ours and sparked the desire to be great leaders as well. What you shared on leadership made the pathway visible and the goal more obtainable. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes….a lesson well learned.”


Teresa Trabert BSN, RN, OCN, CHPN

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your thoughtful and timely presentation at the 4 Corners MGMA Conference. Your ability to convey key leadership principles in a way that was both stimulating and very personal was refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed your self-depreciating sense of humor and left the meeting feeling ready to face the leadership challenges in my business. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you speak again soon.”


Lance Goudzwaard, MSHA, FACMPE

“Thank you for such a transformational and informative class!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed both your teaching style as well as the exceptional and thought provoking discussions and assignments.  It has truly been my privilege to be in your classroom.  I learned a great deal and have put many leadership techniques in place already.  Thank you for the time, commitment and passion that you display in your teaching — it does not go unnoticed!”


Tammy Spencer, MS, RN, ACNS-BC, CCNS, CNE, Faculty and Academic Advisor, University of Colorado College of Nursing

“Jan Rutherford has been a critical part of professional growth, helping me gain fresh perpective into complicated work issues, insight into personalities, and tools that can be applied to a variety of work situations.”


Jeremy Meyer, Vice President of Client Services, Welldyne