The Self-Reliant Leadership DIAGNOSTIC

Self-Reliant Leadership allows you, your team, and your organization to become more resourceful, collaborative, and focused in your ability to produce meaningful and sustainable results in today’s demanding and ever-changing business environment. The diagnostic below will help you measure how effectively your organization is Leading Self, Others, and the Organization.

Respond to each statement on a 1-5 scale (1=never, 2=sometimes, 3=often, 4=usually, 5=always)


There is a shared Vision and a clear Strategy known to everyone.
1 5


People are able to articulate the shared Values that guide our behaviors.
1 5


There is consensus on what Business we are in.*
1 5


Everyone knows who our Customers are.
1 5


Our Brand promise is part of the way we do business.
1 5


Employees and clients are clear on our Value Proposition.
1 5


There are clear and well communicated Priorities with Goals and a Focus on Results.*
1 5


Processes make it easier to do the right thing.
1 5


The right People are in the right Positions.
1 5


There is a culture of shared Accountability where people don’t let each other down.*
1 5


There is strong Passion in the form of a Commitment to Excellence.*
1 5


Respect and Trust exist at all levels.
1 5


People participate in Difficult Conversations.*
1 5


Communication is based on Curiosity.
1 5


Meetings have agendas, and start and end on time.
1 5


Individuals place the team’s agenda ahead of their own.*
1 5


There are clear criteria, processes, and authority for making Decisions.*
1 5


People are provided with ample opportunities to Develop themselves.*
1 5


Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning, growth, innovation and development.*
1 5


Teams are aligned regarding how they operate and solve problems.*
1 5


Feedback is sought at all levels – from clients, peers, direct reports, and leaders.*
1 5


There is a Dashboard for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals aligned with our organizational strategy.
1 5


Everyone is aware of the One Metric that best defines success in their role.
1 5


Leaders model the behavior they expect.
1 5


High Performance is rewarded – and mediocrity is not tolerated.
1 5

The overall level of leadership effectiveness within your organization is:

What does this mean?

A score of 49 and less = poor
A score of 74 and less = below average
A score of 99 and less = average
A score of 100 and greater = above average

The scores corresponding to the statements marked with an * indicate the propensity towards Self-Reliant Leadership within your organization. Self-Reliant Leadership qualities are:

Courage + Vigilance = Resourceful
Humility + Confidence = Collaborative
Discipline + Innovation = Focused

Your score is:

What does this mean?

A score of 19 and less = poor
A score of 29 and less = below average
A score of 39 and less = average
A score of 40 and greater = above average

Contact Jan to discuss specific areas of improvement in your organization’s leadership effectiveness. Jan will work with you to create a program aligned with your entire organization that will help your leaders and their teams take personal responsibility for their growth and development.