People are an organization’s greatest asset and a leader’s greatest challenge.

Self-Reliant Leadership provides online learning courses that propel leadership abilities to new levels by helping facilitate crucial conversations around common leadership challenges. Self-Reliant Leadership online learning engages innate self-reliance and boosts organizational performance through new perspectives on courage, humility, discipline, and adversity in a dynamic and time-efficient format.


The outcomes you will see:

  • Courage in decisions that produce resourcefulness
  • Renewed confidence – balanced with humility – that fosters collaboration
  • A culture of discipline that creates strategic focus
  • Embracing and leveraging adversity to gain a competetive advantage


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Participants in Self-Reliant Leadership courses consistently report the following personal outcomes: 

  • Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence
  • Achievement of ‘stretch’ goals, and business results
  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results
  • Enhanced authority and credibility


Participants also report the following organizational benefits: 

  • Effective communication with team commitment for high performance
  • A best-practice leadership framework for aligning and engaging the organization
  • A common language to ignite and align the organization to create breakthrough change
  • Clarity of purpose to improve focus and establish priorities

Course II coming in Q1 2017!

Introduction – Course II

Patagonia Crucible Overview

  1. How does character relate to leadership?   

  2. Which behaviors are easy vs. hard to develop in others? 

  3. What is your criteria for team selection?

  4. How do you show up during a crisis?

  5.  Why does leadership start with being Self-Reliant? 

  6. How do you create a self-motivated environment? 

  7. How do you decide which leadership competency to deploy?

  8. How do you decide which behavior to coach?

  9. Are your goals big enough?

  10. How do you inspire others to passionate commitment?

  11. What leadership expectations do you have of your followers?

  12. What makes for an adaptable organization?

  13. Is your culture by design… or by default?

  14. How can you inspire with your version of “wet, cold, tired & hungry?”