“Heroic aspirations and a sense of personal responsibility as a form of selflessness.”


self-re·li·ant  [self-ri-lahy-uhnt, self-]
adjective – relying on oneself or on one’s own powers, resources, etc.
Synonyms: independent, assured, enterprising, resolute, capable.


Self-Reliant Leadership is being self-reliant for the purpose of serving others. It is knowing which questions to ask, and having the courage to answer them and act to produce extraordinary results. The right questions shape priorities and help guide individuals, teams and organizations towards greater resourcefulness, collaboration and focus.


Self-Reliant Leadership:

  • is a leadership approach based on courage, humility and discipline balanced by vigilance, confidence and innovation, to produce resourceful, collaborative, and focused people, teams, and organizations
  • allows you, your team, and your organization to become more resourceful, collaborative and focused in your ability to produce meaningful and sustainable results in today’s demanding and ever-changing business environment
  • challenges leaders and managers to embrace and learn from adversity, strengthen their ability to develop others and ‘hear the unheard’


Leading SELF

Continuously develop self and learn from adversity to build resourcefulness


The process of self-discovery is the first step in leading others. Leaders must know themselves, build on their core strengths, and accept – and even welcome – adversity as a tool for positive change.



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Leading OTHERS

Develop and learn from others to build collaboration

Leaders must invest in the development of others, and take on the dual role of pupil and teacher.
Challenge people to think, and make it safe for people to speak up, experiment, and take risks.


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Create a culture of discipline within your organization to build focus


Organizational development goes beyond leadership traits and deals with the strategic alignment levers that drive high performance. Leaders must align a focused vision across an organization to accelerate change and drive growth.


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Complete our brief Self-Reliant Leadership diagnostic and discover the current levels of courage, humility and discipline of the leaders within your organization.