Imagine what could be achieved
if each member of your team:

• consistently approached challenges with courage
and resourcefulness
• truly worked collaboratively
• was focused on an inspired common purpose

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Is your team making your
job easier or harder?

Align heroic aspirations across your organization
to accelerate change, drive growth, and produce
meaningful and sustainable results.

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Are your team members truly
committed or merely compliant?

Develop Self-Reliant Leaders who are truly engaged, committed,
and able to effectively execute the strategy required to grow your
organization to new levels of success.

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“I work with leaders who have heroic aspirations, and believe the best way to grow an organization is by developing their people.” – Jan Rutherford


Jan Rutherford is the author of The Littlest Green Beret: On Self-Reliant Leadership, founder of Self-Reliant Leadership, LLC, and creator of the Self-Reliant Leadership methodology. Jan works with leaders and teams to help them understand and apply the principles of Self-Reliant Leadership to drive positive change and produce meaningful and sustainable results. An accomplished military and business leader, Jan delivers transformative keynote presentations, workshops, executive coaching, and wilderness expeditions designed to move individuals, teams, and organizations from compliant to committed, and from excellent to extraordinary.


“Jan Rutherford is at once a fire-hardened leader, an inspiring storyteller, and a contemplative scholar. His treatment of Self-Reliant Leadership is the hypergolic fuel that will move you and your organization from excellence to extraordinary, from success to significance.”

– Joseph A. “Bud” Ahearn, Major General U.S. Air force (Ret.), Vice Chairman Emeritus, CH2M Hill


We all face adversity amidst physical, mental, and emotional challenges. The Littlest Green Beret is about becoming self-reliant in terms of creating a powerful future, and can become your battle plan for addressing life’s challenges and the key to unlocking the leader within you.