On Self-Reliant Leadership


“In this compact and meaty volume, Rutherford helps readers learn how to play the cards that life deals. The author models his principles of perseverance, determination, education and centrally, self-reliance. In so doing, he encourages us all to do the same. With an engaging style, Rutherford creates a confluence of Emerson’s self-reliance, Thoreau’s reflective seclusion, Socrates’ self-awareness, and Sparta’s discipline. Readers are rewarded with a relatively unvarnished life’s story filled with memorable and inspiring episodes.”

–James Clawson, Johnson & Higgins Professor of Business Administration, The Darden School, University of Virginia, author of “Level Three Leadership”


“Notwithstanding your generation or your state of life –student, new hire, young professional, captain of
 industry, buck private, or general – this book will enrich
 your mind and ignite the spiritual forces of your leadership. Jan Rutherford is at once a fire-hardened
 leader, an inspiring storyteller, and a contemplative scholar. His treatment of Self-Reliant Leadership is the hypergolic fuel that will move you and your organization from excellence to extraordinary, from success to significance.”


–Joseph A. “Bud” Ahearn, Major General U.S. Air Force (Retired), CH2M HILL vice chairman, emeritus

“The Littlest Green Beret” represents a small felt hat, Jan’s stature, and all those seemingly insurmountable goals. We all face adversity amidst physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and this book is about becoming self-reliant in terms of creating a powerful future. It can also become your battle plan for addressing life’s challenges and the key to unlocking the leader within you.


Through Jan’s own stories of adversity, he conveys how leadership development can occur every day if you’re observant, reflective, and determined. This book provides an overview of practical leadership principles for managing oneself, creating a personal strategy, and effectively engaging others to assist you with your own developmental objectives.


By exploring what effective leaders actually do and how they do it, you will learn the principles of personal effectiveness and how visionary leadership can develop and inspire people to achieve more than they thought they could. Leadership can be an illusion of control, but changing your perspective on everyday experiences can provide inspirational learning opportunities for personal growth and development.


Half the proceeds from the sale of this book will be distributed to the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.




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