cru-ci-ble – a difficult test or challenge; a place or situation that forces people to change or make difficult decisions


Self-Reliant Leaders embrace challenges for the lessons to be learned and use adversity as a crucible to constantly forge and strengthen principled character traits.


The Self Reliant Leadership™ Crucible


“Simply put, you will not be the same leader on the other side as when you arrived.”


Tired of the status quo? Desire to lead with conviction and greater purpose? Ready to take on an adventure that will challenge and inspire you to your core?  The Self Reliant Leadership Crucible is an executive only program for ten amazing leaders. It will take your leadership abilities to new levels in an intense, dynamic, and unpredictable environment that maps to today’s challenging business environment. 

Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible expeditions foster the exchange of new ideas and provide a powerful opportunity for senior leaders to hone their leadership skills. The focus is on facing adversity with resiliency, resourcefulness, clear communication, and more effective decision-making. Targeted coaching is also included at the start and finish of each expedition to track and reflect on personal progress.


Inclusion in a Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible expedition is by application, referral or invitation only. Prospective participants must be high achievers who, despite their proven track record of success, are prepared to work with dynamic and inspiring peers to really push their physical and mental limits and change the trajectory of their life, both personally and professionally.


Each Self-Reliant Leadership Crucible expedition is joined by one Special Operations soldier, sponsored in partnership the Green Beret Foundation’s Next Ridgeline. Exposing a transitioning soldier to senior business leaders in an open environment helps them to realize they already possess the skills necessary to tackle today’s business challenges: leadership, teamwork, critical problem solving skills, resourcefulness, resilience, and a high adversity quotient.


Expeditions are led by Jan and accompanied by Technical Guide Vince Anderson of Skyward Mountaineering. As an International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA) Certified Mountain Guide, Vince has earned the highest level of certification available to mountain guides worldwide and also works as an instructor and examiner for the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA).

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May 2015

May 2016

May 2017

September 2017

The Crucible has proven to be an effective, unique development experience for our leaders and we are proud to support our veterans.
     -Shannon Sisler, Senior Vice President, Talent Management & Transformation at Western Union

Attending Jan’s Leadership Crucible Expedition is, hands-down, the best leadership experience I have ever completed. The expedition is one of the most rewarding experiences on so many levels. I highly recommend a conversation with Jan and considering how you can participate and help.”
     -Jim Vaselopulos, Founder, CEO, President, CIO/CTO, Sr. Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member

Jan’s leadership during the expedition is big key. He skillfully guided us to think as leaders, regardless of what we were doing. This trip is a excellent way to step out of the ordinary and learn from Jan and the other participants.”
     -Kevin Glynn, Chief Information Officer at DSC Logistics


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May 3-6, 2018 – Moab, Utah ***FULL***

July 20-24, 2018 – Juneau Ice Field, Alaska Apps-Pdf-icon

August 23-26, 2018 – Wallowa Mountains, Oregon Apps-Pdf-icon

October 13-27, 2018 – New Zealand (Queenstown/Wanaka, South Island – flight into Christchurch) Apps-Pdf-icon


May 2019 – Moab, Utah

Date TBD in 2019 – Mt. Meru and/or Mt. Kenya, Africa




Each year, Jan also leads a group of students on a Leadership and Entrepreneurship excursion to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland through his teaching position at the University of Colorado Denver Business School.

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