28 Jul Seanathair x2

IMG_7312Seanathair is Gaelic for grandfather, and we welcomed our second grandchild on the 18th of July

Like her brother 21 months earlier, she’s a lucky kid with a very extended loving family.  Of course Rylee Paige is another beautiful redhead, but beyond that I wonder who she’ll become… and who she already is?  How much of whom she’ll become will be nature versus all the nurturing she’s sure to experience?  How much of her personality is already pre-programmed and just waiting to emerge?

To the Rylee Paige that will read this some time from now:  Know that you were loved even before you were born.  As you learn and develop and grow and mature, you will feel pressure to succeed and flourish.  Success is often defined by others, but the drive for significance comes from within.  It can only be achieved through the desire to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Your world will be more fast-paced and competitive than I can even imagine, but there will be considerable opportunities to lead and effect positive change.  There is no doubt the encouragement you’ll receive will help you determine your own path, because this loving family will help you develop the self reliance to know which questions to ask yourself while having the courage to answer them and act.

Welcome Rylee Paige.  I can’t wait to see old things in new ways, and be enlightened from those questions I know you’ll ask.  I even hope I can answer a few of them.

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